• Straining for Praise

    Scrolling through social media, I feel helpless. No. Not helpless. Hopeless. Yes. That’s it. The light and hope evaporated from one of the few social outlets I have had during this shutdown. Even though stores and restaurants are opening, the expectation of social distancing has left an emptiness in my spirit, and Satan is preying… Read more

  • This Is NOT Me!

    It is time to be honest about how I am really doing.  As I giggled through the movie Into the Spider-verse the other day with my boys, I began thinking about this shelter-in-place. It feels like we have been sucked through a blackhole and catapulted into an alternate reality. My house, my job, my town… Read more

  • Past to Present – An Interview with author Sarah Sundin

    Past to Present – An Interview with author Sarah Sundin

    Avid readers are always looking for the next good read, and when they find an author they love, they gobble up the words of each volume with eager enthusiasm. Such is the case with historical fiction author Sarah Sundin. Since the debut of her first book, A Distant Melody, in 2010, Sundin has penned multiple… Read more

  • The Next Big Thing

    The Next Big Thing

    It wasn’t what they expected. It was hard to ignore the disappointment in their eyes. One hundred and eight days since Christmas. Fifty-eight days since Valentine’s Day. And today’s celebration was a bit less than they’d anticipated.  Sure, the boys each had a little Easter basket. By the time I’d rubbed the sleepiness from my… Read more

  • Simple Things

    As I make plans for my son’s 11th birthday, I think about how simple the celebration will be this year. In years past, family and friends gathered at our home to bust open a piñata, engage in pool-noodle battles on the grassy hill of our yard, or soak each other with water balloons. Then a… Read more

  • From Prairie to Purpose – An Interview with Wendi Lou Lee

    From Prairie to Purpose – An Interview with Wendi Lou Lee

    Last December, when author Wendi Lou Lee reminded a room of writers that luck has nothing to do with success, she spoke from a place of profound experience. Cast as Baby Grace in the Little House on the Prairie television series at 6 months old, Wendi went on to portray the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Ingalls baby… Read more

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