• Looking Forward to Moments

    “Looking forward to February!” The words greeted me from a hand-drawn bubble bursting from the mouth of a Snowman on the wrapping paper. Curious about the connection between the snowman and the gift inside, I tore open the package to reveal a pair of elegant gold earrings featuring red heart=shaped stones.  “Valentine’s Day?” I thought… Read more

  • Rediscovering Anne – An Interview with Author Rachel Dodge

    Rediscovering Anne – An Interview with Author Rachel Dodge

    Of the multitude of novels I devoured as an adolescent, no single book left more of an impression on me than L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Anne’s sense of romance, her overactive imagination and her search for acceptance seemed to mirror my own awkward self. The one thing I had that Anne did… Read more

  • Little Fears Can Be Big Fears, too

    Fear. He is a liar. These words echo through our car as the boys and I sing along, the truth of Zach Williams’ lyrics reverberating in our souls. And I think to myself that I face my fears every day. After all, I get in a car and drive miles down the freeway with my… Read more

  • Kindred Creatives

    An educator’s world is a bubble, far-removed from other career paths. In my first years of teaching, my classroom was project-based and thrived on creativity and ingenuity. About five years into my teaching career, I jumped at the opportunity to teach the Gifted and Talented 7th grade English class. The room was filled with the… Read more

  • Teaching by Halves

    I can only do things by halves – maybe not even that. In class this week, we’ve been reading Nina Cassian’s poem “A Man.” If you have never encountered the poem, here’s the gist: a man has lost an arm in war and fears being only half of what he was. This man lists the… Read more

  • “Cherishing Connection” – An Interview with Author Robin Jones Gunn

    “Cherishing Connection” – An Interview with Author Robin Jones Gunn

    When readers find an author whose stories touch them deeply or cause them to make positive changes in their lives, those readers tend to devour every new book that author releases. Such is the case with Robin Jones Gunn. Her beautiful readers, as she affectionately refers to them, are extremely loyal because her stories continue… Read more

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