Perseverance: Featuring Actress Imogen Tear

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As a teacher, children of all ages are near and dear to my heart. In the classroom, I work each day to inspire their young minds by kindling their dreams; however, when I encounter a young lady as talented and mature as actress Imogen Tear, I find myself inspired. Recently awarded the 2017 Young Entertainer Award for Best Recurring Actress (Ages 10-14) for her work on Hallmark Channel’s hit series When Calls the Heart, she has also excelled in lead roles in Lifetime’s My Sweet Audrina and Hallmark’s Magic Stocking. Tonight, she debuts as a new recurring guest star in the SyFy series The Magicians.

What does it take for a girl of Imogen’s age to become a success in such a challenging industry? How does she persevere through the ups and downs that would cripple others her age? Imogen is unique among her peers. Her wisdom and awareness into her own personality allow her great insight into how to persevere in the unpredictable world of television.

ATG: For any actor, to succeed in this business requires perseverance. What does that look like to you? What does it mean to persevere in the acting community?

Imogen: Perseverance is a key thing in acting, mostly because you can have ten auditions in just one week, which can really stress you out. I know, personally, I get very stressed when I have a million lines to remember! Also, sometimes when shooting, you have to get up really early (5:00am, for example), and sometimes you work long hours. Acting isn’t a piece of cake. When all of this is going on, you need to keep going. I was kind of born with a need to never give up, so when things get hard,  always tell myself to push through. The reward (emotionally) at the end of the hard times is great.

In order to ‘make it’, you need to persevere through it all.  I’ve been acting since 2011, and I can tell you that you have to persevere through all the “no’s” and all the rejection. I enjoy working on challenging roles to prove myself. I’m proud of every show I’ve done. I’ve had so much fun.  I’ve had amazing experiences on all of them. Each one has been a huge learning opportunity and a stepping stone in building my career.

ATG: How else do you “push through?” What is your biggest source of encouragement?

Imogen: My biggest source of encouragement is my mom.  She is always there when I feel down. Also, realizing how far you’ve come is important, too. That’s something that will always push you further.

ATG: I have noticed that many young people today are apathetic. They seem to lack the drive it takes to achieve their dreams. Why do you think that is?

Imogen: I think they are like that simply because they think badly of themselves, they are depressed, or sometimes they are too shy. I guess it depends on the person. I think people need to realize that dreams don’t work if you don’t.

ATG: What would you say to those apathetic kids, if you could?

Imogen: I would say that you can achieve what you want, if you are strong enough to overcome your obstacles.

ATG: As a young lady, society puts so much pressure on you to act and appear in certain ways. When you don’t feel that you measure up to those expectations, how do you handle it?  

Imogen: Well, this is kind of strange, but I have different personalities.  When I am with my friends and family, I feel very comfortable with who I am. A very crazy nutball.  But when under pressure or around people I don’t know, I find myself reserved and quiet or polite, so I guess it comes naturally, or however my mood is.  I feel, too, if you don’t know someone, you should make a good first impression. Everyone is unique and different. You shouldn’t shut yourself away all the time because then you are never being your true self.  You have a mask and are pretending to be someone you aren’t.  I don’t think that’s right.

ATG: You have already worked with many talented actors, writers, and producers. What have they taught you about holding on, keeping your chin up, and forging ahead?

Imogen: I think they have taught me, in any situation, to take the high road. I have only ever been on nice, kind sets, and it pays off for everyone’s benefit.

ATG: You are a very talented young actress, and you have a very bright future ahead of you. Knowing that you will continue to pursue your dreams, what do you hope to accomplish? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Imogen: Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.  I have so many aspirations in life that I don’t want to set my heart on being an actress my whole life, in case it doesn’t happen.  Maybe just as a hobby? You know what I mean? I love writing and creating stories. I’m good at math. I love playing video games. I haven’t established what I would like to do later on…

And that’s okay, Imogen.  Now is the time to explore your talents and interests. Discover who you are. Don’t give up on those dreams, any of them. With your intelligence, abilities, and determination, anything you choose to do will be a success.  As you said, “Your dreams don’t work if you don’t.”

While there is plenty on the horizon for this sweet, gifted actress, you can catch her tonight at 9/8C in The Magicians on the SyFy channel.  And be on the watch for Imogen’s name when the credits roll; it is sure to stand out in the months and years to come.

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